R. Kelly’s Alleged Sex Slaves Hustling to Raise Legal Funds for Him


Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary Are Here To Defend Kelly! 

Sources close to Kelly’s girlfriends/alleged sex slaves tell TMZ … they’re joining forces to help Kelly scrounge up the funds to hire the attorney who got Michael Jackson acquitted in his child molestation trial — Tom Mesereau.

Sources tell TMZ Joycelyn and Azriel have just hired reps who are reaching out to media outlets to score some paid interviews.

To put things in perspective his New York federal case will require forensic experts, experts in sex trafficking, P.I.’s and on and on. That alone will easily cost a million bucks to defend … and he’s got cases in 3 other jurisdictions — Illinois State, Illinois Federal and Minnesota State.

None the less it will be intresting to see how this Hollywood stunt will play out! Streetz what do you think?

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