Kevin Durant First Player In History To Achieve Amazing Statistic


Kevin Durant’s addition to the Phoenix Suns has been can’t miss. Barring a freak pre-game incident that sidelined Durant. The former Brooklyn star has been one of the more dominant players in the league. The Suns have yet to lose a game with Durant in the lineup. Obviously, his presence on the floor has been a game-changer for the Suns. But it wasn’t until his latest feat was released that proves Durant’s dominance. Durant sets alone on the throne of this stellar NBA statistic.

KD became the first 55-40-90 player in the history of the NBA. For those that may not understand those numbers. Durant is the first player to shoot over 55%, shoot 40% from 3, and shoot at least 90% from the free throw line. That statistic is one of the biggest pieces of evidence that proves Durant’s scoring ability. Durant has been an anomaly since his debut in the league. A nearly seven-foot superstar that can do anything that he wants with a basketball.


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