APS school board approves childcare scholarships for eligible employees


 Eligible Employees of the Atlanta Public Schools school board get approval for childcare scholarships.

Ellyn Cochran vividly remembers parts of her experience in the classroom as a small child.

“You know what I remember is being surrounded by people who loved and cared for me,” said Cochran.

She runs the non-profit, Quality Care for Children. She believes all kids should be able to

get the same experience that she had. She is partnering with Atlanta Public Schools to try to do just that.

“They are providing scholarships to their employees for their children, 0-4, to have access to high-quality care within communities,” said Cochran.

Any employee of Atlanta Public Schools, including bus drivers, and food service workers, can be eligible. As long as their household income is below 85 percent of the state median income of $65,030, they could qualify.

“Quality childcare is expensive. What we try to do is make sure no family is paying more than 10 percent of their income towards childcare,” said Cochran.

Last fall, Atlanta dedicated $5 million to boosting early childhood education programs. $4.5 million of that is going to this program. Cochran said the mayor has been supportive.

“Studies show early investments in education can significantly increase earnings all the way into adulthood,” said Mayor Andre Dickens, city of Atlanta.

“What we know is that high-quality early education matters. It matters to school success, it matters to graduation, it matters in life success,” Cochran.

This summer, APS will choose who qualifies for these scholarships, worth up to $208 a week in funding for each family.

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