Chris Brown Is Being Accused Of Abusing Ammika Harris


A woman brings attention to Brown and Harris. On Instagram, a woman emerged with damaging allegations of domestic violence. She wasn’t the victim, yet claimed Harris was allegedly struck by the singer. The Neighborhood Talk shared the woman’s posts, but they hid her name. “Man I do not care what nobody says chris brown is a woman beater,” the person wrote. “When I when I vacation with them in tulum he beat ammika’s rib cages in to the point where she had to call in a doctor to make sure nothing was broken.”

The woman didn’t provide a timeline or explain her relationship with the couple. The public assumed she was friends with Harris, but that wasn’t clarified. Additionally, she also shared a DM exchange said to be with Brown. In it, it looks like the hitmaker sent two photos to her and then wrote, “U must be broke looking for attention.” She told him to “gtfo out my dms” and “ain’t nobody broke my n*gga. And you know damn well you beat that b*tch up.” Brown replied with a crying laughing emoji. He added, “Whatever u say shawty.”

The woman was unmoved and said, “Please don’t come for me cus I humble n*ggas. Now go give your b*tch a perc cus she hurt.” After sharing the screenshot, she wrote over the image, “Somebody find this man karrueche so he’ll stfu.” She was, of course, referencing Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. The actress also accused the singer of domestic violence and was given a restraining order again him.

What do you make of this new development with Chris Brown?

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