Beyoncé & Blue Ivy’s $24M Dubai Performance Videos Are Circulating Online


Beyonce was recently hired for an hour-long set in the United Arab Emirates. Her show at the Atlantis The Royal hotel evidently brought in upwards of $24 million. While that’s an undeniably major flex, it’s worth noting that those numbers have no official confirmation.

As TMZ reports, ahead of Saturday’s (January 21) show, several videos surfaced online revealing the zip-up bags patrons were expected to keep their phones in during the performance. This has consequently become common practice for many comedians who prefer to keep their material fresh for each audience.

The venue was sharing a live stream prior to the show as well. Some of the footage even previously captured the audio of Beyoncé’s rehearsals. However, it was promptly shut off when the Houston native made her grand entrance, in hopes of preserving the luxurious show’s privacy. Even with all the security measures, attendees still managed to capture clips of the “Telephone” hitmaker singing. She gave a rousing cover of Etta James’ “At Last” before carrying out classics of her own like “XO” and “Brown Skin Girl.”


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