While allegedly recklessly driving his Lamborghini around Los Angeles on June 6th, 24-year-old DDG was pulled over by the LAPD, who ultimately arrested him on a felony charge.As TMZ reports, the recording artist and YouTuber was taking a chaotic joyride around the city when he was stopped by local authorities. Officers opted to search the luxury vehicle, where they found a gun which saw Halle Bailey’s beau get hauled off to Valley Jail after being handcuffed for felony possession of a concealed weapon.At this time, details surrounding the incident remain sparse, although it was been reported that DDG was being held on a $35K bond, and has since been released.

The Shade Room obtained screenshots with Darryl Granberry’s processing information, which listed the arrest time as 21:20 and his booking time as 23:34. The same report also mentioned his upcoming court date, on June 28th at 8:30 AM.

Several of DDG’s friends have been speaking out in support of him following his arrest. “SMH free my brother @DDG. Police always harassing rappers nowadays! It’s krazy smfh,” Wizard Kelly wrote on his story.

“Free you till it’s backwards bro, Imma hold it down @DDG,” another close comrade wrote.