Students disciplined for engaging in sex act at an Atlanta middle school


Two metro Atlanta middle school students face disciplinary action for their involvement in a sex incident on school grounds.

Most parents, like Patrisha Mongeon, were disturbed to learn that the students engaged in a sex act and recorded it.

“It’s really scary. My daughter goes here and she’s at the age where these things start happening. I was hoping to wait a little longer before these types of explicit conversations were had in my household,” Mongeon said.

A source tells CBS46 that the two students performed a sex act in a bathroom during school hours. The school district sent the following statement.

“Atlanta Public Schools became aware recently of a video showing two Howard Middle School students engaged in a consensual sex act on school grounds. The students have been disciplined in accordance with the district’s code of conduct.”

“Well, I think it’s irresponsible from the people that are supposed to supervise these kids and where their location is at all times,” Parent Dan Villouta said.

APS went on to say, “Additionally, students have been warned that any sharing of the video will result in harsh disciplinary action as well. APS will continue to provide safe and secure learning and working environments for its students and staff.

“It can derail their future, just by talking about it and just by sharing it,” Mongeon said. “We definitely will be having a conversation later. It’s just the on-going struggle we have with our children as parents to help them stay as innocent as possible.”

An APS spokesperson said there is no indication that the video has been shared. Sharing the video would in essence be sharing child pornography.

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