COVID-19 eviction moratorium is about to end as pandemic continues


As the Delta variant continues to spread across the country, some advocates are worried about the CDC ending its eviction moratorium. Coming on August 1, landlords will be able to evict residents again. This comes after the CDC temporarily halted residential evictions for months, saying that was necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“That means that anyone who had been protected by the moratorium can now be evicted from their property,” said Mara Block, senior attorney with Atlanta Legal Aid.

Block says if someone has a “dispossessory warrant” – meaning an eviction warrant – filed and approved by court, the sheriff or Marshal can begin executing those evictions, immediately.

“I do believe there are piles of evictions, waiting to be executive by the sheriff and Marshal. How fast they can get through those piles, I can’t say how big those piles are,” said Block.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates more than 6.5 million U.S. renter households are currently behind on rent.

“I know that people are really worried. They’re afraid of what’s going to happen. I think in a lot of cases folks don’t understand is landlords still have to go through this evictions process. And maybe landlords don’t know that either,” said Block.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition says ending the eviction moratorium is a bad call as the pandemic continues.

“The Delta variant, surging throughout the country. And research that shows that this same communities that have lower vaccination rates and higher covid-19 cases, are those communities that have a high number of eviction filings, or a high number of renters at risk,” said Diane Yentle, CEO of the National Low Incoming Housing Coalition.

For now, renters and landlords can contact the Georgia Department of Community Affairs to learn more about resources available to them, visit here.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms released the following information:

Mayor Bottoms understands the importance of getting Atlanta residents the relief that they need and will extend the eviction moratorium.

The eviction moratorium applies to properties supported by the Atlanta Housing Authority, Atlanta Beltline Inc., Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority, Invest Atlanta, Partners for Home and the City of Atlanta’s Department of Grants and Community Development.

Please see a list of all the actions she has taken during the pandemic, here.

In addition, The City of Atlanta in partnership with the United Way has supported more than 7,000 households and deployed approximately $30 million in rental assistance. As we continue our United Way partnership, $20 million in rental assistance is still available to support families and prevent evictions. Applications in English and Spanish are available here.

Our other community partner, Partners For Home, the Atlanta Homeless Continuum of Care, is also coordinating with courts to provide access to diversion funds and housing vouchers for those potentially facing eviction.

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