Lil Nas X continues to have people talking about his latest endeavor, which is a shoe with the likes of MSCHF. In fact, MSCHF recently created their very own Nike Air Max 97 for Lil Nas X, although what’s particularly interesting about it is the fact that the midsole is filled with some red ink and even a drop of blood. With one drop of blood being added to all 666 pairs, there had to be a lot of blood drawn, to begin with. In an interview with Complex, the shoe’s creator, Daniel Greenberg, explained where the blood came from.

“Myself and some of my co-workers,” he said simply. Essentially, the blood does not come from Lil Nas X, but rather from a collection of random designers who chose to partake in the process. As for how the blood was taken, well, that wasn’t so easy.

“Not the best way, to say the least,” Greenberg said. “I could tell you; it’s just kind of graphic. But, like, not by any means a good way of doing it.” No matter how you feel about the process, it turned out to be successful as the shoe sold out in just 5 minutes.

MSCHF is also known for the Drake Holy Water shoes, and this latest model was on the complete other end of the spectrum. Regardless, MSCHF and Lil Nas X just came away with a huge win for themselves.