AT&T account holders speak out about data breach that could have exposed their personal information


AT&T is investigating after millions of former and current account holder information was allegedly posted onto the dark web over the Easter holiday weekend.

Channel 2′s Elizabeth Rawlins was live from the AT&T store in North Fulton on WSB Tonight at 11 p.m.

Millions of customers are being encouraged to reset their passwords after the tech company reported the massive data breach.

“For 70 million people to be impacted, that’s insane,” said Semaj Tippit.

According to tech officials, personal information varied by customer account holders but could have included social security information, name, addresses, phone numbers, and even account numbers.

“That’s horrible. We have so much important information in our phones. Our livelihood is there,” said Jazz Jones.

Cybersecurity experts believe the information was collected in 2019 on back, and was leaked about two weeks ago.

Channel 2 Consumer Advisor Clark Howard weighed in before about the data breaches and encouraged consumers to always take advantage of the free credit monitoring.

“Credit Karma is free for me and free for you,” said Howard. “You’ll be able to track your credit score and see if there are any changes with your credit.”

This latest breach comes just weeks after the tech giant experienced a nationwide outage in February. However, the company said that was related to a software update, not a cyberattack.

“I wouldn’t say we go super far, we didn’t know we had to,” said Jaelynn Mann.

“I usually just go with the password that is suggested because they are usually really long and it’s really hard to break into,” said Tippit.

No financial information was leaked, nor was any type of call history information.

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