Summer jobs open as metro Atlanta leaders hope to stop youth gun violence


There is one summer job in Atlanta some would argue is cooler than others.

“We’re the first Black youth pressure washing company based right out of Atlanta, Ga,” Fulks said.

Caleb Fulks owns real motion, a local company looking to employ teens and young adults while school is out for the summer.

“Right now, we’re mainly hiring for pressure washers, and they make close to $33 an hour or $100 a day,” Fulks said.

His goal is to give our youth an opportunity to be productive and stay out of trouble.

“I think it’s very important because when you’re working a job or doing something to better yourself it takes time away from anything negative or anything else you could be doing with your time,” Real Motion worker Josiah Johnson said.

There are also job opportunities at the YMCA of metro Atlanta. They currently have more than 900 summer positions available, including lifeguards, and day camp counselors. Plus, you could earn a $300 stay-the-summer bonus.

Or, you can apply for one of the 1,000 job positions available at Six Flags over Georgia. The amusement park is hiring ride operators, food service workers, and lifeguards. Benefits include free admission, weekly pay, and flexible scheduling.

Mayor Dickens has announced the launch of the summer youth employment program with even more jobs for youth. He believes giving kids a purpose will keep them out of trouble.

Mayor Dickens addressed this very issue with our youth in the wake of a deadly shooting outside Benjamin E. Mays High School on Sunday, encouraging youth to make good choices.

“We want you to have a safe summer and we want you young folks to make quality decisions about your life choices about where you choose to go and who you choose to hang with. And, to parents we want you to make sure you stay on top of where your young people are to be able to keep track of them,” Mayor Andre Dickens said.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested in connection to the shooting death of a 17-year-old boy early Saturday morning in LaGrange.

Gwinnett County police say 16-year-old Travion Gartrell, 17-year-old Anthony Roberson, and 17-year-old Raymond Daughton were injured in a shooting early on Thursday morning.

A 15-year-old boy was shot in the head in Troup County on Friday afternoon. Troup County Sheriff’s Office said investigators believe it was a “tragic accident” with a group of teens “carelessly handling a handgun.”

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