Nick Cannon Forgets Daughter’s Name In Stern Interview


Nick Cannon’s large family is a topic that has been covered extensively. The musician and television host currently has 12 children with six women. As Howard Stern put in a recent interview, “If he’s not working, he’s fucking.” Cannon’s oldest children are his twins Moroccan and Monroe, who are 11. His youngest child is 4-month-old Halo. Over the weekend, Cannon shared Easter-themed photos alongside his son, Legendary.

Cannon has typically taken the conversation about his family in stride. Last year, he released a shopping channel parody in which he joked about his “big ass family”. However, 12 kids means 12 names to remember. And for a man as busy as Cannon, that can be a big task. Especially when you’re on national radio suddenly being asked to name all 12.

Appearing on the Howard Stern show on Tuesday, the topics of conversation ranged from whether Cannon would get a vasectomy to wanting kids with Taylor Swift. As the conversation stayed on Cannon’s large family, Stern asked the TV star to name all 12 of his children. Cannon began to list his children in age order but was stopped when Stern told him he had “missed one”. When Cannon repeated part of the list, Stern informed him he had missed Onyx Ice Cole. Onyx is Cannon’s daughter with LaNisha Cole, born in September 2022.

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