Andrew Tate Released From Jail, On House Arrest


Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been reportedly released from Romanian jail, and are now on house arrest. Moreover, news broke that the two successfully appealed against extending their preventative arrest by 30 more days during a hearing on Wednesday (March 29). However, it seems that the two are now officially out of Romanian custody and placed on house arrest for an indefinite time as of writing this article. For those unaware, both men are under investigation for running a sex trafficking ring, as well as abuse.

Furthermore, this is the sixth time the Tate brothers and their legal team tried to appeal their preventative arrest. All previous efforts proved unsuccessful, and it’s unclear what went differently this time around. Still, they both posted cryptic messages to their social media accounts hinting at upcoming freedom. “Friday. InshaAllah,” both tweeted. In fact, they remained active on the platform throughout their arrest, so their incarceration failed to hamper their perspective online. Of course, it still faced a wave of backlash and criticism, and their testimonies certainly don’t help their public image surrounding this case.

Along with Andrew and Tristan, two other Romanian women faced jail time for the alleged crimes. While no one involved faces any real charges as of yet, the investigation into them proved fruitful and thorough. Many alleged details surfaced in the weeks and months following their December arrest, such as them allegedly branding women with “Owned by Tate” markers. In addition, police seized multiple luxury assets including cars, watches, and other property. On that note, raids of property and deeper investigations into their practices followed suit as they remained behind bars.

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