Shad Moss, better known as Bow Wow, has been engaging with his Twitter followers rather consistently this morning.It seemed like the celeb was playing a game of 21 Questions with his fans. They asked him things ranging from his favorite color to his opinions on strip clubs. Digging a little deeper, a user questioned if he had been featured in a texting scandal this week. This follows gossip surrounding him messaging Lil Baby’s baby mother, Jayda Cheaves, Bow responded, “Absolutely not. I just be minding my business and my name gets thrown in things I’m not even aware of.” He goes on to insinuate that if he is such an “irrelevant” rapper, why do people start rumors about him.

Aside from gossip, the actor went on to talk about his music, admitting that he is not a fan of what he has produced. He wrote, “I want my acting to one day trump my music so folks forget about it.”

Speaking of his music, back in the 90s, Bow Wow was known for his record deal with So So Def under Jermaine Dupri. Well apparently, the two no longer share a relationship. In response to a comment on the two, he tweeted, “Me and jd have no work chemistry. I ain’t work with that boy in years. He do him and I do me.”

To further detail him being under the label, he admitted that he wished he would have stayed signed to Snoop Dogg and nobody else. “Snoop is the best thing that ever happened to me… he gave me a chance. Everyone else was just add ons to what he started,” he posted.

Bow Wow went on to vent about his feelings towards past projects like his old movies and albums. “Means nothing honestly,” he said in regards to them. Fans urged him to give himself credit, reassuring him that he is an icon. They ultimately didn’t change his mind.