Rick Ross is known as one of hip-hop’s biggest moguls. The Florida-bred rapper boasts a healthy slew of investments, including his most prominent venture as a franchise owner of multiple Wingstop locations throughout the country. He’s also the CEO of his very own label Maybach Music Group (MMG), which is home to artists such as WaleMeek MillOmarion, and more.Elsewhere for Ross, he’s been busy assisting with the launch of Wingstop’s new online-only shop Thighstop, which saw the introduction of chicken thighs to the restaurant’s standard menu to help deal with the chicken wing shortage. In a recent interview, the MMG head honcho touched on exactly what type of wealth he’s working with.”It’s people that question me every day. ‘Rozay you got 100 cars?’ Yeah I do. And I got 400 acres, yeah I do. But guess what? Somebody just paid me $225,000 to put five of the cars in the front of something just to take some pictures for two hours,” he explained on the I Am Athlete podcast.

“So an asset, or a liability making you money,” chimed in one of the hosts. “Oh it’s most definitely…if I’m moving with it, I’mma try my best to get the most out of it. Why not, you know what I’m saying?” answered the label executive.

It seems like he’s making a pretty healthy return on his 100 car investment, which could easily be a multi-million dollar collection. Either way, it seems sustainable for the label boss.