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In a competitive and capricious industry, Byron Turner, professionally known as BT or YouKnowBT, remains one of the industry’s most prominent media personalities shifting the culture. Drawing in crowds, regardless of where he is, BT has a very captivating character and his voice continues to make an impact on many lives. Growing up in Little Rock, AR, BT relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2015, without knowing a single person, just knowing the move was necessary to accomplish his dreams.

With BT’s compelling personality and charisma, he is able to reach people of all demographics, which led him to the position he holds now, as a on-air radio personality for, “Atlanta’s number 1 station in the Streetz”, Streetz 94.5, as well as being a celebrity host in multiple cities, and a television host. In addition to working at the radio station and at clubs, BT often makes appearances and broadcasts live from local functions such as sport games, schools, nonprofits/fundraisers and promotional events. BT is also a cast member on WEtv’s Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta and can be seen on BET’s From the Bottom Up.

He has much strength in his deliverance by being extremely personable and approachable. BT finds it important to be a positive influence for the people of the culture and treat the people around him equally. His means are to give back to the culture and make conscious efforts to radiate positive energy to others. BT spreads the message and power of consistently taking risks and being fearless.


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