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Candidates for Atlanta mayor focused on voter turnout ahead of Tuesday runoff


Voters will soon decide who will lead Atlanta for the next four years.

Tuesday’s runoff is between Andre Dickens and Felicia Moore. The race is still tight, and just a little over 30% of registered voters showed up to the polls for the primary earlier this month. Moore was spending Sunday meeting with restaurant owners and workers and Dickens was in the Morningside community at a local club speaking to members of the LGBTQ community.

Both have been canvassing neighborhoods and holding forums all in an effort to increase voter turnout on Tuesday.

“We know we had 41 percent of the vote going into the general and coming out of the general, so we just know we need to reach those voters and get them back other polls,” Moore said. “We’re knocking on doors, ringing phones, we’re texting .”

Dickens is also focused on voter turnout.

“We really have to boost this turn-out for Nov. 30 which means going to the younger population, for those who may have forgotten to vote, and then trying to get them back out twice in one month, is going to be tough, so we’re doing all we can,” Dickens said.

Dickens will be speaking at a voter turnout concert slated for midtown later Sunday night.

Last week saw a shake up in the Atlanta mayoral race when polls showed Andre Dickens had taken the lead.

Dickens was leading 42% to 37%. More than 20% of likely voters polled said they were undecided.

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