Metro Atlanta school districts react to Biden’s teacher vaccine mandate


Several school districts in Georgia are revisiting their current vaccination plans as COVID-19 continues to tear through local communities.

On Thursday, President Biden sent a clear message to governors across the country.  “I’m calling on all governors to require vaccinations to all teachers and staff,” said President Biden. Adding, he will implement this mandate at federally funded schools.

“We’re requiring vaccinations for teachers where I have authority to require it.”

CBS46 reached out to the major school districts in the metro area on moving forward with the President’s request.

Cobb County said once finalized, they will review the President’s executive order, the law, and determine if and how it impacts our staff.

Clayton County said the district will continue to monitor the developments relative to mandatory vaccinations.

For Fulton County they said they are reviewing the President’s order to determine what impact it may have on our district.

Cherokee County said for them there are no plans on requiring it of their teachers and staff.

Fayette and Forsyth County said they have not had a chance to discuss the President’s wishes.

In Atlanta, Atlanta Public Schools said they are exploring the possibility of making the vaccine mandatory for teachers.

“That’s coercion and a total violation of our rights, we got to stand up for what is right,” said a parent out shopping.

The decision on whether vaccines should be mandatory splitting parents in the city.

“President is right to clamp down on the political game governors are playing, it’s just not right, how many people have died because of their in-action,” said grandparent Henry Thurston.


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