The effects of COVID-19 and lockdown are sure to continue to show up for months to come. Not many of us can say we went by unaffected by it all, Meek Mill included.In a recent return HBO’s The Shop, the Philadelphia rapper sat down with Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, DJ Khaled, the Washington Football Team’s Chase Young, and Jemele Hill to chop it up. During the discussion, he opened up about the creative rut that quarantine brought into his household and the “youngins” who helped him shake it off.

“Probably six months ago, Lil Baby and Durk terrorized me in the studio,” Meek is heard saying in a new episode of The Shop: Uninterrupted. “I had writer’s block. I’m in the house with a bunch of babies, quarantine. My lifestyle just changed dramatically.”

“They start coming to my house and I start noticing these young boys, they smokin’ me,” Meek adds. “I’m taking two hours to finish my verse. Khaled know I do nine songs a day. I just wasn’t in it but I fed off of them. And I told them that, ‘Yeah, y’all youngins in the building, I’m feeding off y’all today. I need the energy.’ They came back four weeks later, I’m in that room going like this, bangin’ out. We just fed off each other through that time.”

For an indication as to what came of their encounter, fans can find evidence on the three rapper’s “Still Runnin” track, found on Baby and Durk’s collaborative The Voice Of The Heroes album.