Atlanta Public Schools holds annual Back-to-School Bash


Students, parents, and staff are kicking off the 2021 school year with a Back-to-School Bash.

Students and parents lined up at the Georgia World Congress Center drive through, to get the resources need for school.

“I’m talking to my husband and I’m telling him how they got everything section off so well organized it’s just great!” said a parent.

Families received back packs with school supplies, registration information, bell schedule, Let’s Talk/ QR code for APS Landing, bus locator, a day one checklist, and covid-19/vaccination information.

All the resources parents need to start the school year off right.

“I’m a little reluctant… but I am excited for the children. I really am because they missed a whole year of just being with their friends and their peers and teachers… just excitement of this…of going back really, really feels great!” a parent exclaimed.

Superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring shouted out volunteers and announced Atlanta Public School’s commitment to student success and safety throughout the year.

“We are following the mask up universal protocol,” Superintendent Dr. Herring said.

Requiring mask and adding a team of psychologists and social workers on campuses to support students and staff.

“We’re ready to receive our students and our families and we’re prepared to support our employees who serve them but we got to have some grace around this process as we watch the Delta variant increase and still maintain the opening of our doors,” Superintendent Dr. Herring goes on to say.

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