Dr. Dre Is Asking For A Trial Over The Validity Of Prenup In Nicole Young Divorce Case


Dr. Dre’s lawyer filed legal documents asking for a five-day trial over the validity of his prenup with his estranged wife, Nicole Young.

According to reports from TMZ, Dre’s lawyer, Laura Wassner, filed the documents earlier this week. Now, she is asking for a trial centered solely around the prenuptial agreement, which has already been a point of contention in the case.

Earlier reports about their ongoing divorce claimed that Young signed the prenup before they married, but Dre allegedly tore it up in front of her as a romantic gesture a few years into their marriage, saying he regretted putting pressure on her to sign it. Unsurprisingly, the producer has disputed these claims, saying there’s a clause in the document that forbids any alterations unless made in writing.

Now, Dre is asking to move the divorce case to a private judge to avoid more of the very public case coming to light, though Young has rejected that request. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected that their divorce could drag on for even longer if it were private, because of coronavirus-related delays.

In earlier documents, Nicole has claimed that the prenup Dre filed in December is no longer valid. The document reportedly states that any properties acquired during the marriage are separate, which means that if it holds, they’ll only walk away with what they individually purchased or received throughout their roughly 14 years of marriage.

The prenup also states that Young does not waive the right to spousal support, which could help her in receiving at least some of the $2 million in monthly payments she is seeking

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