Cardi B Has A 1 0n 1 With Joe Biden!

Joe Biden‘s crash course in Cardi B is complete, and now you can decide if he passed after their sit down covering race, healthcare and uhh … that “big chunk of taxes” out of our checks!!!

It’s almost a rite of passage — for Democrat Presidential candidates, anyway — a campaign chat with Cardi, this one for Elle, and she gave Joe an earful. He started out with flattery and then asked what’s her main issue heading into the vote.

Welp … Biden got more than 2 minutes of her issues — including education, social justice and childcare — complete with some okurrrrs! Seriously, Cardi’s sound effects seemed to throw him off a bit (go to 3:55).

He’s just lucky “W.A.P.” didn’t come up … that woulda been a moment.

The fact the presumptive Democratic candidate spent 15+ minutes chatting with Cardi — the day the Democratic National Convention opens — makes it clear Biden’s campaign sees the reach and influence she has. Remember, she also grilled Sen. Bernie Sanders … so, she’s becoming an important campaign stop.

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