{DEM404BOYZ} Cardi B Shares Her Fear of Culture Forgetting About Her


Aww Cardi 

Cardi B shared her struggle to be a present parent while pursuing a career that has on her on the road during the Beautycon Festival NYC on Sunday. “It’s very hard. It’s like the hardest challenge ever,” Cardi said of her leaving Kulture at home while she travels for work. “I don’t even like talking about it,” the rapper added. “I really don’t like talking about it because it’s, like, very hard. For example, I haven’t seen my baby now in two days because I was in Vegas, now I’m here. And it’s just hard because I be like, d*mn, will she forget about me, like, in two days?”

Cardi’s life as a mom and top entertainer is different from what she thought it would be. “When I was pregnant, I used to be like, ‘It’s gonna be easy. I’m just gonna hire a nanny and my baby’s gonna come with me everywhere,’” the celebrity mom said at Beautycon. “But it’s like once you have the baby, it’s hard to get a nanny because you don’t trust nobody with your kid! And then it’s like, OK, my mom is helping me and sister helps me take care of Kulture, but, like, my mom do not want to go from city to city, two and three cities in less than 72 hours.”

Offset, Cardi B’s husband and Kulture’s dad, helps when he is home. The celebrity father, however, has multiple commitments like his wife. “Me and her dad, we’re always in different places,” Cardi said of her and Offset’s varying schedules. “Like I used to think, oh we gonna be in this house in Atlanta, big this, big that, but we haven’t even been in our house for, like, two months! And we chasing the bag. And we be sad as h*ll, but we be you know what? She will be all good because she’s gonna have a lambo when she be like 18.”

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